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Letter from the Founder of A Link to Hope

​I am a stroke survivor.  I was 40, a Marine, an attorney, blessed with a home, a beautiful wife, three amazing kids and one on the way, when I was hit with a stroke on January 8, 2008 - and I mean hit hard. I came out of the anesthesia induced coma after four days in the hospital to find a side that did not work, a voice that could speak one or two words, and a mind that was jelly.

I have a story to tell, but that is not the point of this letter.  Let's just say that I was broken.  But Care Providers took a piece of broken clay and molded it into the person I am today.  They continue to do it now, and I have Hope!  It was during this process that A Link to Hope ("ALH") was born.  Now, ALH has the ability to refer clients to provide physical/movement therapy and faith-based counseling to Stroke Survivors and Caregivers during a 12-week Hope Camp and then beyond.

ALH started with the idea that stroke survivors came from all walks of life, but generally recovering from a stroke is a long and enduring process, without funds because of often the stroke survivor's inability to generate income as before.   We are a referral process for now, but hope to pay for the care providers services once donation and grants come in at levels that make that possible.  The blessings you may have are not the case for the majority of the Stroke Survivors families.  Their families have lost at least one course of income, and the insurance that kept the Care Providers caring for the Stroke Survivors is mostly if not altogether gone. Please help the Stroke Survivors and their families get Hope!  


David E. Little

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